Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

The Path to Living a Full Life with Dementia


it creates repercussions for everyone within one’s circle of family and friends, who all come to be “living with dementia.” While this can feel like an isolating and helpless situation, in truth, the diagnosed and their loved ones do have access to powerful tools to help them build and adapt to their “new normal.” Welcome to your opportunity to learn these tools!

Well-informed and equipped caregivers can minimize some of the worst case scenarios that arise when a family finds itself living with dementia.

When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia, the world changes. Most families don’t know what to expect or how to best provide the needed care.iHeart Home Care understands. Our teams of experienced professionals have extensive dementia care training. With a holistic approach, our experts are successful in anticipating needs, communicating effectively, managing behaviors and enhancing quality of life. With the help of dementia care experts, our team provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. 

Our professional Care Managers are teamed with experienced Caregivers.

Professional: Care Managers provide ongoing professional evaluations, modifications to the Plan of Care and Caregiver supervision. The Care Manager is your single point of contact.

Adaptive Styles: Our Caregivers are trained on communication, activities and providing personal care. All are vital to our success.

Result: Guidance by experts in dementia care.

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