How We Choose our Staff

At iHeart Homecare, we make it first and foremost about the patients. It is their health that is at stake, so we not only make sure we are constantly updated with the latest trends and researches in home health care delivery, but we also make sure we hire only the best for the job.

Prior to being an employee of iHeart Homecare, applicants have to undergo a series of in-depth interview to judge their trainability or range of experience. They are also subjected to background and criminal checks to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our patients.

Once hired, our employees do not remain idle. Aside from their respective jobs, they also take classes, training and seminars to keep their minds sharp, and as a whole, ready for whatever it is which may come their way.

If you’re interested in being part of our team, please check out “Careers” page. For more detailed information on our staff, please visit our page “Our Staff”.


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